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The Breakneck Pace of Early Community Work

A lot of my personal work is about assessing what is going on in my environment and then synthesizing it into my internal world, all while doing the reverse and attempting to take my internal world and affect change in the external. In a simple way, this is how I understand magick (with or without the ‘k’), and of course, a hat tip to Aleister Crowley. It seems like a pretty standard way to live one’s life as well, just with more awareness.

As I’ve mentioned before on my blog, I’m a fairly sensitive type. A lot of people are increasingly using the term ‘empath’ now to describe themselves, and I suppose that fits me to a T as well. So when I hooked into the crackle of energy that is an emerging Pagan community in Palm Beach County, it turned into a wild ride.

I bought the ticket, now it’s time to take the ride

This synthesizing process for me is time consuming, being a Taurus, I’m anything but quick to make an important decision. So it’s been a little more difficult for me to jump on and take the ride than most, perhaps but I’m happy to report that the ride is, in fact, in motion.

As I mentioned in my previous post, the call from the 2015 Sacred Space/Between the Worlds conference was to community. This resonated like the peal of a bell for me because of the number of years I had spent in search of any community at all. As I discovered some time later, there was a community here, but they were very insular and hidden, inaccessible to new people. There were obvious reasons for that, including dynamics I wasn’t aware of (and couldn’t have been) at the time.

Reaching warp speed

In the last month, things have really taken off. Thanks to a successful coffee meetup, followed by a meeting with the minister at a local Unitarian Universalist church (not to mention a member who gets shit done at warp speed), we’re well on our way towards laying the groundwork for an active 2016. I look forward to both the joys and the challenges that will present themselves in our new work. I hope also to reach out to and hear from other folks in established communities about their experiences and suggestions.

The Witches’ New Year

So I approach this early November with the adopted old Celtic calendar in mind as the beginning of the new year on our calendar. I see the early promise and send forth my prayers to the gods for inspiration and for the ability to find my place in my role as the slow-moving and pondering bull.

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