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Moonlit Hedge

Remember – you are luminous, you are a witch!

This morning, in a fog of confusion, sleeplessness and anger, I went to my altar. I do this every day. I speak with my gods. And this morning, I yelled at them and begged them to let me out of the nightmare that I seemed to have become awoken to. They listened to my angry rant, at my shame I felt for not having been able to do more to prevent a misogynist, a racist, a bigot, a liar and a cheat, a despot into power. They listened when I said it’s not about who we didn’t get, but who we got.

They listened until I wore myself out, until I was too tired to keep yelling and then they told me, “you’re a witch. You’re built for these times. Your path and training have lead you to this point for a reason.”

Then, as my card for the day, I received the Sun. Don’t forget that spark. Now everything has been laid bare and you are luminous!

Now, I’ll leave you with these words from other folks, wiser than I.


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  1. MIles November 15, 2016

    Needed this. Thank you!

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