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From a Pagan in Paradise

We walked out of our room before sunrise this morning, cups of coffee in-hand, flip-flops scuffling sleepily through the sand. The last time we were here was just after Alban Eilir, the Spring Equinox, when the sun was still on its northerly trajectory. This made us have to do some calculating as far as the right beach to walk to in order to get the best view, as it’s a month after the Solstice, and the sun has begun returning south from its northern zenith. I sure do post a lot of pics of the sunrise, don’t I? I guess that when you’re a pagan in paradise, it’s hard not to be a sun-worshipper.

One of my goals with this blog was to update on a somewhat regular basis, maybe not every week but every other week. This weekend I’m taking a little vacation with my partner, not too hard to do here in Florida aka, Vacationland. Any direction you go you’re bound to find some inspiring, mind blowing nature. I didn’t want too much time to drift by before adding a new post, so I set up in a shady spot and here we are!

This time around, we ended up in the Florida Keys, a favorite and very close vacation for us at just a couple hours down the road. To have access to the type of inspiring ocean views while camped out on one of countless small islands is quite simply, magical. Yes the Keys have a reputation for boozy, drunken revelry, but there’s a lot more than just that here. Kayaking, boating, fishing or just soaking up some rays on a beach are all part of the daily life here. If you’ve never taken the opportunity to visit I highly recommend it.

Booze or not, visiting is nothing short of intoxicating, in my dreamiest states, I imagine somehow scraping together enough coin to make a permanent relocation. But that’s sort of what makes places like this so incredible, isn’t it? For a few days or a week if you’re lucky, you turn off the noise from your daily life and enter into an almost liminal dream state. Being able to tap into that state while conscious is a unique thing and in my own interpretation, this is what we attempt when we use trance work, meditation or magick. To you readers, from my state of deep consciousness, I hope you have an incredible weekend.

Your humble pagan blogger's view while writing this post.

Your humble pagan blogger’s view while writing this post.

If you look close, you can see a small barracuda that swam up to see what I was up to.

If you look close, you can see a small barracuda that swam up to see what I was up to.

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  1. Serenity July 22, 2014

    Beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing. I forget sometimes how beautiful the Keys can be. You do post a lot of sunrise pictures. We want more!!

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