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What happened to The Arrival and the Reunion?

The Arrival and the Reunion was a blog that I ran for many years. I loved it and it documented a formative period of my practice but new opportunities emerged and my life has changed quite a bit since I published Opening the Gates in January of 2014. Nevertheless, I’ve transferred all of those early essays here so they’re still readable.

Some of the most popular essays I published were the two part series on the future of witchcraft and paganism as we face some of the most challenging times ahead for our species and our planet’s other inhabitants. They are Rewilding Witchcraft: Speaking from the Swamp, Part 1 and Rewilding Witchcraft: Speaking from the Swamp, Part 2.

Other posts that garnered more attention than others were Witchcraft and Bioregionalism: The Growing Local Spiritual Heart and one that included a ritual script utilizing the deep inward-turning of the winter-tide as a point of healing called Blessings from the Cathedral of Trees and Stars.

Most of what has done well for me has been my animist writings and I feel like this new incarnation will be more tightly focused on that, healing work and ritual because that’s what I see the world needing right now.

If you have any feedback you’d like to give don’t hesitate to reach out, I love hearing from people.

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