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Opening the gates

The Arrival

As this is my first post on this new blog, I feel like a good place to start is to explain the name a bit. The Arrival and the Reunion is the first track on Dead Can Dance’s 1990 album, Aion. If you happen to have never heard of them, they were a cornerstone of the musical magic and mystery that defined my early brushings with paganism.

This really is an arrival for me, because it’s the first time I’ve publicly breached the subject of my own spirituality. It’s not a coming out by any means, I’m sure that a diligent person could divine my identity, I’m not sure why anyone would care that much. It’s an arrival in a spiritual sense because I’ve finally landed at a point in my life where I feel comfortable enough to take this quasi-public step forward. I read a lot of the popular pagan blogs and listen to many of the podcasts and I guess I finally just decided, hey I want to be a part of the conversation.

The Reunion

As I mentioned, I’ve had an interest in paganism for a long time. Although I’ve had a daily practice for a number of years now having this blog feels like a reunion. It’s sparking some of that youthful excitement that I had upon first exploring this path. My spiritual path is a little different than a number of people I’ve heard discuss the issue of how they first became interested. I wasn’t raised on any spiritual path, Catholic, protestant or Jewish. So I’m not taking refuge. I’ve never felt like this path was any sort of rebellion, it just is the thing that called out to me, that spoke to my heart and my spirit.

It’s also a reunion because my paganism reaches deep into my past. It knocks lightly on the brass door of childhood and opens up to a period before the time when I became jaded. It unleashes a powerful magic into the world that represents possibility and hope.

I look forward to exploring a deeper and more meaningful spirituality with anyone that decides to come along with me.

Bright blessings!

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