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Moonlit Hedge

Baneful magick’s soft release

Nothing left of me but a shadow,

you can take my body, my family,

my heart, my empathy, dreams and goals,

possessions and money, identity, creativity, endless sense of calamity,


drama of life,


my happiness at a day on the beach,

my pride and sense of family,

my smile and my belief.

You take it all and no nothing left except my shadow, burned into the concrete,

wreathing your wrathful brow,

cloaking your senseless extrapolation.

We haunt you.

Under the weight of shadows you will wilt.

Under the weight of shadows, hot and wet, your weak shields blister black, fruiting to the end.

The fungus, a shadow in your lungs, expelling my curses planted yesterdays from yesterday’s past.

You can take everything but my shadow.

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