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In honor of Daniel Kaufman

Tonight I performed a ritual honoring the memory of the 14 people who were murdered in the San Bernardino shooting, but especially focused on one of those folks, Daniel Kaufman.

I was moved to do so after reading about him on The Wild Hunt. I’ve never met the man, but he seemed the type of individual who I’ve always longed to be, effortlessly joyful and in the stream of life. He had devoted his professional life to working with adults who are differently abled and helping them learn important career skills to gain more independence. In his personal time he was a Wiccan and an enthusiastic participant in the Renaissance Faire in southern California, where he was a member of the Guild of Saint Cuthbert and founder of the “Peasant Militia, who were armed with spoons and carrots, and pledged to right the wrongs of the world.

Daniel Kaufman died a hero while ushering others out of the building when it came under attack. Because of his selflessness, four others made it out alive. May we honor his sacrifice and may Hecate greet and guide him to his next phase.

Tonight I’ve added a spoon and a carrot to my altar and shared some Scotch with him. May his joy in life serve as a guide to us all, and may we work to right the wrongs of the world, armed with all we ever needed, spoons and carrots. What is remembered lives. Hail, the traveler!

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