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Moonlit Hedge

I’d like to introduce you to my new book

Path of the Moonlit Hedge is available now at your favorite occult, witchcraft or metaphysical store,, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Llewellyn Worldwide or wherever else books are sold.

Mornings are magickal times for me. Much of the world is asleep, or rushing to work, or just trying to get enough coffee down to muster energy for the day. Frequently, I find myself connecting with these quiescent hours which are laden with potential during walks along trails in the Florida where water-meets-land and where land becomes water. The soft sand shushing beneath my hiking boots and the low angle of the sun peeking through cypress and pine lends to the walking meditation. In this place, and at these times, with no one around in an increasingly-urbanized landscape, is where I most frequently connect with the spirits of place. It’s here when I can most easily find the spirits listening and where they’re most likely to do some talking. 

In this place, which is as much in my mind as it is without, where the hard boundaries between me and the world soften, is where the kernel of an idea was born. What if I talked about my worldview? What if I began to share with others the animism that at the time felt distant from the expressions of my other spiritual leaning — witchcraft?

I know and love many of the people who have shared their experiences mixing the two and humbly submit my book, Path of the Moonlit Hedge: Discovering the Magick of Animist Witchcraft to the small but growing number on this topic. I believe that from a place of need the universe, the all, the Star Goddess provides solutions and it’s encouraging to see how much the animist witchcraft community has grown in recent years because we are definitely in a time of need. 

Animism to me is an antidote to the perils that humanity is currently facing, through which we recognize the ensouled beings around us as equals, and begin to properly align our perspectives. By awakening ourselves to this, and partnering with the other beings who are part of our universe, we help awaken those around us. 

As I walk the trails, I awaken to the cypress, as the cypress awakens to me. I awaken to the mockingbird as the mockingbird awakens to me. I feel them deeply and am invested in them. My hope is that this book will awaken something within you as well, even a little. 

Path of the Moonlit Hedge is available for preorder everywhere books are sold and releases on May 8, 2023, featuring an introduction by Christopher Penczak. If you have a local occult, metaphysical or independent bookseller please support them and ask them to order for you. 

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